The Goths

Seven days between kisses, seven days to die.

Something has been feeding on our essence for thousands of years, relying on our desire to belong.

They've been taking advantage of our wide-eyed trust that because we look the same, we must be sisters.

Our need for closeness is our major strength and our greatest frailty.  Like lambs to the slaughterhouse, we come and gather.






High School Geek by day,

Goth huntress in training by night.

Princess of the Goths.

Determined to conquer Earth and all of mankind.

Leader of the Reapers, the angelic faction of the Goths.  The top Goth Hunter and mentor to Hope.

Desdemona's best assassin, but is she working both sides of the battle?

Hope McKracken





The Goths, an ancient race of demons that lure wayward teens to underground rave clubs where they suck their young life essence with a passionate kiss...and a high school nerd is the only one who can stop them...

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